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Remote Consultation Available

Remote Consultation Procedures

Remote Consultation Procedures

For those with weChat:

  1. Scan and join one of four stores which provide remote consultation services
  2. Book your practitioner via weChat communications with one store, and pay fees via

phone by credit card (we do not record your card details, so do not send your card details in any forms rather verbally over the phone and instantly validated by the cashier)

3.The practitioner you booked will call you via video chat on the scheduled time.

For those without weChat:

  1. Download your free ZOOM cloud meeting software to your PC or mobile
  2. Book your practitioner via email to one of the four stores :

  1. The practitioner you booked will send scheduled meeting link to you via email.



                                Remote herbal prescription dispending

For individuals, we provide authentic raw herbs for your formula. Just select the herbal name and dose from , and then choose the number of total days of doses required, then checkout.

For Practitioners, we provide instant-dissolvable herbal granules for your patients. Just log onto to register with us for free, and prescribe to your patient right away with wholesales price.