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About Us

Who is Beijing Tong Ren Tang

Time has made countless brands famous, but there are few brands like Beijing Tong Ren Tang that have enjoyed such a high reputation as long as more than 345 years. Founded in Beijing in 1669 during Kangxi’s reign of the Qing Dynasty and proudly served as the exclusive supplier of Chinese medicine to the royal court for 188 years, Tong Ren Tang is a remarkable, prestigious and heritage brand in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and also a recognized symbol of quality and trustworthiness well known in the Chinese communities across the world.

Our Core Business

While manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing have been our traditional major business, GAP (Good Agriculture Practice) plantation, R&D, clinical and hospital services are also a part of the core within the group.

Beijing Tong Ren Tang Australia Pty Ltd was established in Sydney since 2004 as a subsidiary of the group aiming to provide with quality Chinese medicinal products and services to all Australians. Accredited with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard and licenses from both of the Chinese and Australian government, Quality, Safety and Efficacy is always our top priority.

Our Philosophy

“Despite the complexity of preparing herbal medicines, there is no compromise on costs or labour; Even though the raw ingredients are costly, there is no compromise on the quality or standard.” This is the principle and motto that Tong Ren Tang has been adhering to for hundreds of years and passing down from generation to generation. The strong belief becomes the core spirit of Tong Ren Tang which enables the ancient brand still maintaining a high reputation and prosperity even till today. In 2006 Tong Ren Tang was the first firm who was proudly listed as one of the “National Intangible Culture Heritages” by the Chinese Central Government.


Business and services in Australia


At our chain stores, we provide TCM clinical services, including professional Chinese medicine consultations, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment, cupping therapies, food therapies, Chinese Tuina and remedial massage, etc., all of which are provided by our experienced and well educated practitioners who are registered under AHPRA and also possess strong backgrounds in TCM.

Herbal dispensary is another professional service in the store providing a complete range of processed and prepared authentic Chinese medicinal herbs with guaranteed quality for both internal and external prescriptions.

To facilitate customers on treatments required for herbal decoctions, we also provide an option of herbal cooking and packing service with a small fee to recover the related cost and packaging materials used.


We encourage all TCM practitioners, herbal stores, pharmacies, and health food shops to distribute our full range of quality Chinese herbal medicines. Meanwhile, we provide continued technical support for the directions or the guidelines for the clinical applications to achieve the maximum result.


Through our chain retailing stores across the major business towns, we aim to provide our customers a more convenient way to directly reach us for the goods and services they required.


Understand and Go TCM

TCM or simply Chinese medicine is a complete medical science derived from accumulations of experiences and studies over a long history and formed from part of the ancient Chinese philosophies and natural laws. TCM believes that the balance of Yin and Yang leads to health or harmony. Functions and activities of the human body are interrelated and in a constant interaction with the living environment. Signs of disharmony collected by means of observation, listening and smelling, inquiry and pulse-taking, the four traditional diagnostic methods in TCM, enable practitioners to diagnose, treat and prevent illness.

Treatments may include prescribed herbal decoctions, manufactured herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping therapy, remedial massage, Guasha (meridian scraping therapy), dietary therapy, lifestyle consultation, etc.

By using a unique way to assess human’s health conditions, TCM may provide you a Second Opinion with an alternative approach. So always consider TCM whenever facing a health problem, especially chronic and difficult-to-treat ailment.

Our Professional TCM Team

Although TCM is a time-proven treating method, it does not necessarily mean an effective result will be automatically achieved for every condition in every time. It rather depends very much on a range of factors including educational background and experience of a practitioner, quality of the herbs used, communication and cooperation between the physician and the patient, whether the herbal medicine is properly decocted, and whether an appropriate dosage, taking time or treating period is administered.

In our clinic, practitioners are graduated from a formal TCM university and most of them have solid experiences in clinical treatments, among which many have additional western medicine knowledge and integrated treatment experiences. Apart from holding the Chinese Doctor’s license in China, they are also accredited members of Australian TCM professional bodies, such as FCMA, AACMA, etc.

Services are recognized by most of the private health funds, but may vary from funds to funds and between practitioners. (Checking with our receptionist and your health insurance provider beforehand is recommended.)