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Online Shopping and TCM Practitioner Appointment

Q & A


Q1. Can I buy Chinese herbal medicine on your website

A: Yes. Please select the tab “Herb Dispensing”. Click this tab and go to the page “Selected Herbal”.


Q2. If I have a private prescription, how can I order Chinese herbs on your website?

A: Our webpage “Herb Dispensing” was set up with a format of herbal prescription.  It means that you need to enter a weight of each herb in your prescription and then enter the number of prescriptions you want to order. Below are the steps in details:

  • On the webpage “Herb Dispensing”, browse the Chinese herbs listed on each page and select the ones you need, or enter the name of the Chinese herbs you need in the search bar and click the "Search" button on the right-hand side of the search bar to find the ones you need.

  • Then enter the required prescription grams (10 grams by default) under the "Weight (g)" column corresponding to the corresponding line of the Chinese herbs, and then click the "Add" button next to the number of grams. The Chinese herbs you added will be displayed at the top of the screen.

  • After you have selected the Chinese herbs, click the "Checkout" button to enter the "Other option" page. On this page, you can enter the number of prescriptions you need (each dose is usually one day). If the number of prescriptions you enter here is greater than 1, we will treat the Chinese herbs you selected as a dose for one prescription, and we will mix the herbs of this prescription according to the amount of each prescription (dose) and put it in a separate packaging bag , Then the number of prescriptions you enter will be equal to the total number of bags of Chinese herbs that you want to dispense.

  • After entering the number of prescriptions, you can choose whether to decoct Chinese herbs or not. If you choose us to decoct the herbs on behalf of you, you need to go to the Sydney store to pick it up. The herbal liquid after decoction cannot be delivered by mail.

  • Read the terms carefully and choose whether to tick agree or not. If you agree, please select “agree” and click the "Next" button. If you do not agree to the terms or want to return to the previous page for continuing buying herbs, you can click the "Cancel" button.

  • After entering the next page, confirm your purchase information, and enter your full name, address and telephone number. Then choose to ship or pick up. If you choose to pick up, please enter the pick-up time according to the format (2021/07/26 7:29). Then select and click "Next".

  • After entering the new page, verify that all the information is correct, then click "Next" to enter the payment page.

  • Enter your payment information on the payment page to make a payment. Once the payment is successful, you have successfully placed an order.

  • Note: please enter your mobile phone number so that we can contact us in time when we have any questions, so as to avoid delays or errors.


Q3. Can I purchase several Chinese herbs separately and pack them separately? Will the name of each single package of Chinese herb be indicated

A: Yes. If you just want to buy a variety of single Chinese herbs and want these Chinese herbs to be packaged separately, please refer to the above steps for selecting the Chinese herbs and enter the total "weight" directly. And then on the "Other option" webpage, enter 1 in the number of prescriptions. For example, you can enter 300 grams of Astragalus, 60 grams of Angelica on the Herb Dispensing” webpage, and enter the number of prescriptions is 1 on the "Other option" webpage. In this case, we usually pack the Chinese herbs separately. We will also indicate the name and weight of the Chinese herbs on each package.


Q4. Can I buy decoction bags on Beijing Tong Ren Tang Australia’s website? Can I add them to my order of Chinese herbs?

A: Due to current shortage and instability of non-woven decoction bags, we have no decoction bags for sale on our website at this moment. However, after ensuring the supply of goods, we will provide non-woven decoction bags on the website for customers in need to purchase. In the meantime, you are welcome to call our Sydney store 02 9304 0052 for timely relevant product information.


Q5. After successfully placing an order online, how long will it take to receive the goods? Which courier company do you use for delivery?

A: We use Australia Post Express for mailing. Under normal circumstances, it usually arrives within 2-3 working days. However, during the Covid, Australia Post also admitted that there would be a delay and could not give an exact delivery date. If you cannot receive the goods within the normal delivery time, you are welcome to call the Sydney store on 02 9304 0052 to find out the relevant mailing information (due to the limitation of the web design at the moment, we cannot automatically provide the delivery tracking code to notify our customer after delivery).


Q6. I want to purchase Chinese herbs and Chinese herbal medicine products at the same time on your website. Can I place an order together? How to do it?

A: Sorry, due to technical limitations of website design, Chinese herbs and Chinese herbal medicine products cannot be ordered together. This means that Chinese herbal medicines and other products need to be purchased separately for the time being. If you must combine them together (such as saving mailing fees), you can send the details of the Chinese herbs and Chinese herbal medicine products you need to buy to and leave your contact information. The staff of the Sydney store will call you and handle the order for you, such as mailing you all products together.


Q7. I found that there are a lot of products in your store that are not all listed online. How can I place an order for them?

A: In view of the liquidity and availability of certain commodities, we may not update them online in time. It is recommended to send an email to to propose the goods you want to purchase and provide your contact information or communicate with our Sydney branch through their WeChat group (ID: BTRT_SYD).


Q8: I have a Chinese herbal prescription. I don’t want to make them as herbal decoctions due to the traveling reasons. Can you make them as "free-decocted Chinese medicine granules"?

A: Yes. However, the prescription needs to be sent to our subsidiary, The Herb Booth, which has an independent third-party GMP dispensing license in Australia. The Herb Booth provides high-quality concentrated scientific Chinese medicine granular powder which is ready to drink and easy to carry. Email:; Tel: 1300 650 402


Q9: I want to make an appointment with a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner. Can you recommend one to me?

A: The Chinese medicine practitioners at Beijing Tong Ren Tang Australia have been undergone strict screening procedures and elimination mechanisms by the company. They are all registered Chinese medicine and acupuncturists in Australia. Since each doctor's field of focus is different, please click on the nearest store at the bottom of the webpage, and click on the doctor on duty of the day, so that you can view the doctor's introduction. If it suits your medical condition, you can click "Make an appointment now" to fill in your relevant information to make an appointment. After receiving your appointment information, the store will reply you to confirm or change the appointment time according to the doctor's available time. Note that the reservation must be subject to the confirmation from the store.

If you want the doctor who can directly prescribe "Decoction-free Chinese Medicine Granules" and mail it to your home, you can also go to the website "" to find a doctor nearby. The TCM practitioners who registered on the platform will directly benefit the service from the GMP dispensing facilities of "The Herb Booth".


Q10. I have placed an order from your website, and each step is successfully completed. However, I can’t find the order details in my account established with your site, why?

A: Due to some tech issues associated with the personal account, for the best security concern, your order won’t be copied to your account. If you have a doubt about your order, please send your queries to with your Order Number, we’ll response accordingly. 


For other Questions, please call us on 1300287828, or send you enquiry to