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In our clinic, all the practitioners are graduated from a formal TCM university in China and having at least 30 years experiences in clinical treatment. Apart from holding the Chinese Doctor’s license in China, they are also an accredited member of Australian TCM professional bodies, such as  FCMA,  AACMA, and ATMS.

Our professional team provides a complete range of TCM services, from consultation, herbalism, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, Tui-Na (remedial massage), dietary therapy and lifestyle management.

Services are recognized by most of the private health funds (eg. Medibank Pravite, HCF, MBF, CBHS and others ). Rebates may vary from funds to funds, and different practitioners. (Check before proceeding).

Now you can claim your private health fund rebates immediately after you registered at Sydney Branch by using Electronic Health Claims System. Save time, claim directly! Available for the following health funds:

   Medibank Private,  NIB Health Funds,  CBHS Friendly Society,

   Lysaght Peoplecare,  Defence Health,    Australian Unity,

   Westfund,   GMHBA,   Navy Health, CUA Health

 Hi One Medifund   Teachers Federation Health  Queensland Country Health


Clinical Service Flow
  • Health Management is a new concept of conducting a comprehensive management process for individuals or a group of people (including family members) based on their health risk factors. Tong Ren Tang Chinese medicine health management (CmHm), guided by the TCM “zhi wei bing” (prevent potential illness) ideology, delivers an in-depth health check and assessment from a different medical perspectives, justifies the overall health status, works out an individualized prevention and treatment strategies and programs.

    Chinese medicine health management

  • You are very welcomed to be one of our wholesalers if you are a qualified practitioner or registered TCM store/clinic. Fill up the form downloaded from the link below and send it to us either by mail or by fax, we will then be able to open an account for you once everything is confirmed.


  • The pharmacy is a special industry , the whole process is very rigorous process to fill a prescription to prevent errors , all regular customers stranger stopped outside the counter, so called counter bar cabinet, folks began to receive a prescription fill a prescription . Now glance prescription , if any of you lack herbs , he would tell the customer if he would smile and no shortage of medicine tell customers waiting outside the bench .


  • Cupping is a tank as a tool to use Fire, negative pressure pumping and other methods to make adsorbed on the surface, causing localized bleeding to achieve through the meridians, qi and blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain, chills and cold, etc. effect of treatments. Cupping therapy has a long history in China, as early as in a book in the Western Han Dynasty Book "52 sick side" in there on the record, "Angle Law" angle method is similar to the later cupping therapy. And foreign ancient Greece, ancient Rome has also been prevalent cupping therapy.

    Cupping Glass

  • Massage, Chinese medicine refers to the body by hand on meridians, acupuncture points with a push, take, lift, pinch, rub and other techniques for treatment. Massage has "by Rocker," "Rocker cited", "case stool" Zhu title. Massage, as a natural therapy, physical therapy non-drug. Usually refers to doctors who use their hands to act on the patient's body surface, the site of injury, do not apply where specific acupoints, the place of pain, specifically the use of push, take, press, rub, rubbing, kneading, point, shoot, etc.


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    Decoction & Packaging Service