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In our clinic, all the practitioners are graduated from a formal TCM university in China and having at least 30 years experiences in clinical treatment. Apart from holding the Chinese Doctor’s license in China, they are also an accredited member of Australian TCM professional bodies, such as  FCMA,  AACMA, and ATMS.

Our professional team provides a complete range of TCM services, from consultation, herbalism, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, Tui-Na (remedial massage), dietary therapy and lifestyle management.

Services are recognized by most of the private health funds (eg. Medibank Pravite, HCF, MBF, CBHS and others ). Rebates may vary from funds to funds, and different practitioners. (Check before proceeding).

Now you can claim your private health fund rebates immediately after you registered at Sydney Branch by using Electronic Health Claims System. Save time, claim directly! Available for the following health funds:

   Medibank Private,  NIB Health Funds,  CBHS Friendly Society,

   Lysaght Peoplecare,  Defence Health,    Australian Unity,

   Westfund,   GMHBA,   Navy Health, CUA Health

 Hi One Medifund   Teachers Federation Health  Queensland Country Health


Clinical Service Flow
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  • Manufactured Chinese herbal medicines are a range of finished products in different dosage forms ready to take. These may include water pills, honey-pills, water-homey pills, tablets, film-coated tablets, oral liquid, oral syrup, granules, plasters etc.

    All manufactured Chinese herbal medicines were stringently processed and manufactured in a GMP facility and approved /listed in Australia Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) according international and Australian standards. Quality, Safety and Efficacy are our top priority.

    Manufactured Chinese herbal medicine

  • Classic herbal tea is served in house by using classical formulation ideologies with selected premium traditional herbal tea ingredients. Quality, Safety, Tasty and Efficiency are primary concerns and well balanced in the process. 

    The herbal teas are purely natural, cooked every day and instantly packed with no added sugars, caffeine, preservatives, colour agents or flavours. The availability may vary based on the seasons and demands.

    Classic Herbal Teas

  • The tonic soup is a daily family-recognized soup ingredient, or a single ingredient such as Astragalus, Codonopsis, Poria, Rehmannia, Angelica, Radix, Tremella, Jujube, Coix Seed, Chixiaodou, Mangosteen, Polygonatum, etc., or group, such as Shiquan Dabu Tang, Siwu Decoction, Jianpi Appetizing Soup, Qingrejiedu Decoction, Qushi Decoction, Bushen Gu Yao Decoction, Bak Kut Teh and so on.

    Food supplements

  • Valued and Rare TCM tonics are a series of ingredients used and can be used for health care after being tested and accumulated over a long period of time and widely recognized by the Chinese medicine industry with high value and definite therapeutic benefits, such as  ginseng, American ginseng, Korean ginseng, deer antler, deer penis, deer tendon, deer tail, deer placenta, deer blood, bird's nest, Cordyceps sinensis, maple scorpion, panax notoginseng, saffron, ganoderma lucidum spore powder, ejiao gelatin, cinnamon and so on.

    Valued and Rare TCM Tonics

  • The integration of Chinese and Western medicine is to take the patient as the centre and give full play to the respective advantages of Chinese and Western medicine, including the combination of disease and syndrome, comprehensive coordination, and mutual use of theory to treat a certain difficult or chronic disease. The combination of disease and syndrome is to use the Western medicine diagnosis method to determine the name of the disease, and at the same time to carry out TCM syndrome differentiation, and to make the classification and staging.

    Integrated Treatment

  • Licensed General medical doctors stationed in the clinic to provide a broad primary healthcare services to the public, and bulk billing for Medicare card holders. These may include Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Children’s Health, Travel Medicine, Skin Cancer Checks,   CTP / Insurance Medicals, Work Cover, Diabetes Management, Pathology / Blood test etc. All non-Medicare patients will be provided with the same level of service except out-of-pocket cost will be expected before seeing the doctor, and receipt will be issued upon payment received.

    GP Service – Bulk Billing

  • Chinese medicine practitioners diagnose a patient’s problem by collecting a combination of information from Observing the colour and the form of face, tongue and body, and an approach of Listening and Smelling, as well as Inquiring the problem history and the status of urination, bowel movement, etc. The Pulse taking is another unique method to collect different information for the diagnoses.

    Chinese Medicine Consultation

  • Health Management is a new concept of conducting a comprehensive management process for individuals or a group of people (including family members) based on their health risk factors. Tong Ren Tang Chinese medicine health management (CmHm), guided by the TCM “zhi wei bing” (prevent potential illness) ideology, delivers an in-depth health check and assessment from a different medical perspectives, justifies the overall health status, works out an individualized prevention and treatment strategies and programs.

    Chinese Medicine Health Management

  • As the sole agent and general distributor of Beijing Tong Ren Tang proprietary Chinese medicine in Australia, we welcome Chinese medicine clinics, Herbal stores & pharmacies, health food stores, Asian grocery stores, small wholesalers and registered Chinese medicine practitioners to distribute our products. You can download an application form from the link below, fill it out and send it to us via fax or email. After confirming all the information, we will send the latest wholesale price list.


  • Chinese Herbal medicine dispensing (known as Chinese medicine compounding)  is one of the three majors registered divisions by Chinese medicine Board of Australia (CMBA). Dispensers who have not been registered and approved by the CMBA cannot claim or mislead the public as a Chinese medicine dispenser. Our Australian Tong Ren Tang clinical stores are equipped with a number of professional Chinese herbal dispensers to provide safe and secure services to the public.

    Chinese Herbal Dispensing

  • Cupping is technique using special designed cups as a tool to create negative pressure (using fire or pumping) making it heavily sucked on the surface of body, causing localized blood stasis  to achieve, through the meridians, qi and blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain or eliminate wind and cold, etc.

    Cupping Therapy

  • Tuina massage is an integral part of Chinese medicine. Tuina massage is a non-pharmaceutical natural therapy or meridian therapy unique to TCM profession compared with other type of massages. It usually refers to the use of the palms, elbows, arms, etc. of the doctor on the body surface, the injured part, the discomfort, the specific acu-points, and the pain causes.

    Tuina Massage

  • <p>Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system that involves procedures to stimulate anatomical points (Acu-points) of the body via inserting very fine and solid sterile needles into the acu-points of the skin; the procedure usually is oerformed with other techniques including moxabustion and or electrical stimulation depending on the conditions. Acupuncture stimulates the body's ability to resist or overcome illnesses and conditions by correcting energy imbalances.


  • <p>Prescription herbs need to be properly decocted to take. We offer valet decoction and repackaging into small bags for a small fee (cost recovery). Chinese medicine decoction is an important process for the efficacy of the drug, which is directly related to the clinical outcomes. The ancient doctors attached great importance to the decoction of traditional Chinese medicine.

    Decoction & Packaging Service