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Five Tips for Fall health

Vitamin supplements play an important role in the body's immune system when the body against invaders number of various types of immune cells , vitality and vitamins are related . Thus , the fall flu season , do not forget to take a daily vitamin C tablets , you can also eat more foods rich in vitamin C, fresh vegetables and fruits , such as kiwi, oranges. In order to keep the airway mucosa moist , but also vitamin A, the best source is the fennel, carrots and cabbage . In addition, frequent eating a handful of walnuts or sunflower seeds , which are rich in vitamin E.

Massage three points through three points of stimuli can improve local blood circulation, prevent the fall prone to get angry and other symptoms and improve immunity. These three points are Dazhui ( when the bow , the most prominent neck vertebrae below ) , Quchi ( elbow to elbow stripes formed at right angles to the outer end , further relocation of 1.5-inch ) , throttle points ( Dazhui to down two joints , again about half a finger at each shift ) , you can use the middle finger rubbing against each point 2 to 3 minutes.

Regular gentle exercise susceptible to cold weather and cardiopulmonary diseases related to heart and lung health can reduce the incidence of fall . Suitable for moderate-intensity exercise can improve heart and lung function , strengthen the immune system . Gentle exercise heart rate during exercise refers to the maximum heart rate ( 220 minus your own age) of 60% to 70 %, such as 25 -year-old who is 220-25 = 195 maximum heart rate , heart rate to control his temper at 195 × 60% to between 195 × 70%, i.e., between 117 to 137. Fitness experts recommend exercise is walking , swimming, jogging.

Research found that ground every day wash cold virus can survive in the hands of two hours , in the hard surface can survive for 72 hours. Mobi Zi people when cold , hands stained with the cold virus will they readily be brought anywhere. Wash your hands often can minimize the risk of respiratory infections and flu , but you can not expect to wash hands with soap can kill the bacteria once and for all , only successively washed away.

Fall good sleep one hour of sleep can make the body's immune cells significantly increased the number two , and lack of sleep will cause the immune system to function decreases, increases the chance of illness . Autumn weather cools, the disease -prone season, increased sleep time more than one hour to so busy and exhausted immune system from the rest over the next morning awoke to feel the spirit of mind , give it a try . ( Phoenix )