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BTRT Australia Combating Covid-19 Safety Plan

BTRT Australia Combating Covid-19 Safety Plan

BTRT Australia Combating Covid-19 Safety Plan 

In order to minimise and prevent the risk and spread of Covid-19, all staff and customers are required to follow the safety plan as below from immediate effect:

1. Store opening and business operations must be carried out under the condition of ensuring the safety of employees, doctors and customers.

2. Wash your hands first when you enter the company premises. The company provides 75% alcohol hand sanitizer. Everyone cannot start work without washing hands. Each store also needs to provide hand sanitizer for customers entering the store.

3. Frequently wipe telephones, cell phones, cash registers, computer keyboards, calculators, weighing appliances and other surfaces with alcohol, bleach or soapy water, including work surfaces that guests have touched. It can be disinfected with alcohol or atractylodes fumigation before closing the store every day.

4. All store employees and customers entering the store must wear face masks and measure their body temperature throughout the process are normal. Those over 37.3 C°, or with colds, upper respiratory symptoms, or people who have been in contact with confirmed cases or who have been to areas with high infected cases are not allowed to enter the store for work or consumption.

5. The store manager must ensure a limit of 4 square meters per person and a social distance of 1.5 meters are maintained. You can use ground markings, spacers and other control methods. Those who exceed it can take measures at the door to remind customers to wait outside or make an appointment by phone.

6. During the epidemic, all employees' schedules, store opening hours and doctors' work schedules may change at any time, and they cannot be updated online in time. Customers are advised to call the stores in advance and go there after confirmation.

7. Pay attention to reasonable diet and adequate sleep, maintain optimism and strong immunity. If you have fever, cold or flu-like symptoms, you must ask for leave and stay at home, seek help from your GP, arrange a coronavirus test as soon as possible, and report to the company.

8. Strengthen self-discipline and vigilance. Cancel all unnecessary gatherings, avoid going to any public places, and ensure that family members can also keep in step, and do a good job of social distance and necessary protection in the family and on the way to work.

9. Always pay attention to the anti-epidemic policies and restrictions issued by the federal government and state government agencies at any time. Each store must refer to its specific regulations, consciously adjust and comply.

10. The company encourages customers not to go out and stay at home as much as possible, and has opened online shopping, mailing and remote consultation services. For details, please contact Sydney store: 02-9304 0052, or logon

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