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How to manage the cold woody herbs

fter pruning woody herbs frozen deciduous tree is a hazard in order to resist the self-protection measures , can reduce the abnormal loss of moisture through the leaves , to avoid excessive water loss due to tree death . After freezing the leaves will sprout postponed , so be sure to wait until after the branches sprout and can distinguish between dead branches , timely pruning dead branches , worms sticks , keeping alive branches and leaves remain on were unable to distinguish between life and death of branches divided into sub- trim. Pruning should be light , notches to smooth, large notches at the use of 75% ethanol or 0.1% potassium permanganate disinfection, and with the film dressing.

Woody herbs frozen after fertilization generally weak grower , frostbite tree root water uptake , and poor absorption of fat , therefore , to conduct post- cold root woody herbs dressing , fertilizing should pay attention to light Shi , Shi thin , several facilities to trigger stout shoots , which will help restore vigor , fertilization with nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium fertilizer available based. After the shoot happened to foliar fertilizer is appropriate.

Anti- freeze is likely to cause pest damage twigs , leaves , resulting in bare branches , it is prone to the future more serious pests and diseases, such as resin disease, sunburn, cracked skin disease. Therefore, after freezing to timely prevention, treatment , prevention and cure diseases Bordeaux mixture , carbendazim and other agents , pest control available dichlorvos, trichlorfon and other agents. ( Zhong Yi )