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During Lockdown, the BTRT's TCM service

How can I get help from Beijing Tong Ren Rang Traditional Chinese Medicine during the lockdown period?



During the lockdown period, how can I get help for Traditional Chinese Medicine from Beijing Tong Ren Rang Australia?


Recently, many states in Australia have been affected by the delta strain, and the number of infections has remained high for many days, and states have entered a state of lockdown. The branches of Beijing Tong Ren Rang Australia responded to the government's call to only provide emergency services to customers with urgent health and medical needs. Employees and customers are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible and refrain from going out. And at the same time the branches of Beijing Tong Ren Rang Australia try to stay half-open status. The specific plan is as follows:

1. The store is half open. That is, customers need to wait outside the door, and one by one contactless reception is implemented. Customers who really need to enter the store must wear a mask to declare that they have not been to a hot spot and have no cold symptoms. Only 1-2 people at a time, and must register or scan the QR code. In-store employees will promptly wipe and disinfect the places that every person who enters the store has contact with.

2. Strict protective measures are taken throughout the entire process to be prepared. For customers who have visited, if they are infected in other places a few days later, the government health department will detect this "casual contact" due to the scan code registration. The government immediately notify the staff on duty that day to perform a laboratory test, and those staff Must be isolated before negative result comes out, to ensure the safety of the store and customers. For example, on July 22, the government monitored that a customer who was newly diagnosed as positive had entered multiple stores on July 16, including the Haymarket store for half an hour. We immediately started the inspection procedure, and all employees were negative. It explains that the measures are appropriate. 

3. Encourage customers to place orders online, especially commonly used herbal medicines, proprietary Chinese medicines, soups, expensive fine supplements, etc. which can be bought on the official website If you don’t understand Chinese, select English in the upper left corner.

4. If you can’t find the medicine you want online, or you are not used to placing an order online, you can call 02-9304 0052 or send an email to with your contact number, and we will call you back to confirm that the telephone credit card payment and mail order service.

5. For non-emergency medical consultations and acupuncture treatment services, if delays in waiting will not cause deterioration of the condition, please try to wait until the closure is released before making an appointment. 

6. If your condition is non-febrile cough without cold symptoms and cannot be delayed with a particularly need for help of a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner, you need to email or call the nearest store to make an appointment. 

7. If you have cold symptoms, you must be tested for the new coronavirus immediately nearby. If it is negative, or if you have other symptoms which make you need to seek help from Chinese medicine, we can provide one-stop service for remote consultation, prescription, dispensing, decoction, and mailing. The specific operation is through WeChat or Zoom software. The WeChat service number of the Sydney head office is btrt_syd. You can scan the QR code to join. 


8. For the addresses, phone numbers, emails, TCM practitioners' profile and other information of all branches of Beijing Tong Ren Rang Australia, please visit


Head office customer service: 1300 2878 28 (1300 BTRT AU);